I really hope Relic come out of this THQ thing well.

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First of all, don't think that I don't care about any of the other developers under THQ. I really hope that everyone working under THQ comes out of this mess in the best shape possible.

Do relic own their IPs? Who is Company of Heroes 2 (assuming it gets pushed out) earning money for? And I assume Dawn of War 3 is never gonna happen.

(I'm writing this on my phone, sorry if something is screwed up)

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Relic doesn't own the warhammer ips, they just have a license with wizards of the coast.

i'am pretty sure relic will do fine as their license with WotC will make them valuable.

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Relic will never be the same without Jay Wilson

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@Amilmitt: Games Workshop.

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Man that would be cool, Games Workshop actually taking them and turning them into a basically 'GW only' development studio. Some amazing games might happen in a case like that.

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@paparoach said:

Relic will never be the same without Jay Wilson

Isn't Jay Wilson the director of Diablo 3? Looking at his proffesional bio I'm not really seeing many games he should cherised for.

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@Darcey: DAMIT, always get them confused.

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