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I beat the game on normal and started a new game on veteran with Chris but I want to play it as Sheave is there a way to start a new game? All I get when I start up the game is to continue from where I last started (Ch 1-1)

#2 Posted by LiquidPrince (15949 posts) -

Can't you just press New Game +?

#3 Posted by RussellB (2 posts) -

New Game + is now 'Continue'

#4 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -
  • Chapter Select
  • Pick a Chapter
  • Select "Sheva" as Your Character
  • Success!
#5 Posted by shulinchung (180 posts) -

Just select the very first level on chapter selection screen. It's equivalent to starting a new game.

If you really insist that you want to hit "new game+"  to start a new game, just use chapter selection to choose and beat the last level again, and your "continue" will then be replaced with "new game+."

As for playing as Sheva, you should be able to select her as your charater every time you choose a chapter in chapter selection screen or every time you select new game+.

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