Resident Evil 5 DEMO thread (x360 only)

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#51 Edited by Jackel2072 (2261 posts) -

its easy as hell to burn it to a CD-R also i found on piratebay (which downloaded in 5mins) the file is only 425MB and it is the full demo

you dont need a nero or any other crap to burn the game.  windows cd burner works just fine. just drag and drop and burn and thats all baby!

Demo is fucking sweet by the way!

#52 Posted by JoelTGM (5596 posts) -

Tried the demo, didn't like the controls at all.  So when zombies are charging at me and I want to change to my shotgun, I have to stand still and look through my inventory, select it, then equip it?  I just got killed because this butcher zombie was coming toward me, I tried to get out of the way... but of course, my guy just walks back slowly... so I die and have to restart the whole demo.  I'd rather play Gears of War or something.

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