Resident Evil 5 GET!

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So much like when I got my grubby mitts on Killzone 2 early, I'm gonna see if I can't put up some first impression today or tomorrow
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My buddy also got those Collector's cases, but I've never seen the appeal in them.
The only one I've genuinely considered was the Fallout 3 one, but that was just for the sweet lunchbox.

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I still have to wait a week for this. Damn you, TeflonBilly. Damn you to hell.

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Poster GET!, : / As Carlito Brigante once said, "I can wait another week"

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It is next week. I can wait. I am still sifting through a bunch of games I already have anyway.

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I love how the "SHINE GET!" thing has never gotten old. I hope you enjoy the game. I also hope I enjoy the game. I wasn't too pleased with the demo.

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TheGreatGuero said:
"I love how the "SHINE GET!" thing has never gotten old. I hope you enjoy the game. I also hope I enjoy the game. I wasn't too pleased with the demo."
I agree. I'm on the fence. I can't believe I'm saying this, especially considering this the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time, but I will have to wait to see the critical response. I really hope the game is better than the demo shows.
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Putting "GET!" after stuff is GETting old.

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You bitch. Have to wait until Friday until I get my copy.

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I've barely got to play it due to some real life shit, but I had a quick session with a buddy on Tuesday.
The controls become second nature after about five minutes. Just crank up the sensitivity.
So far the game is a fucking joy to play, though I think RE4 is one of the best games ever, so I'm pretty biased.
One thing that pisses me off is that local multiplayer split-screen doesn't use the entire halves of the screen. They got weird black borders on teh edges.
I didn't buy a big-ass TV for that.

At least from the little I've played of it, I love the game.

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LiveOrDie1212 said:


Nobody with a Killzone 2 avatar has any right to complain about controls :P
#13 Posted by LiveOrDie1212 (944 posts) -
TeflonBilly said:
"LiveOrDie1212 said:


Nobody with a Killzone 2 avatar has any right to complain about controls :P"

i should word that more clearly, CAN'T MOVE WHILE SHOOTING= NO THANK YOU!!!!!
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Finally managed to squeeze in some time with this game.
My buddy and I have played through 2/3 of the game and we both think it's awesome. Then again, we're white supremacists j/k
Om the reals though, it's more or less Resident Evil 4.5, but I personally don't find that to be a big detriment to the game.
I hated the controls in the demo, but I still had RE4 Wii and Dead Space fresh in mind.
Cranking up the sensitivity alleviated some of the clunky controls, but it wouldn't be a kick in the balls if they updated the controls to make Chris or Sheva a little more nimble than Marcus Fenix. You'll get used to it immediatly though, it's not like having to learn some completely new way to control (Gotta not take a potshot at Killzone 2... but it's so hard! :P)

The whole racism issue has been completely skewed seeing as so far every black character except the infected have been honorable, upstanding people while all the white people outside of Chris are evil megalomaniacs.

The horror aspect is almost completely gone, but it's been replaced with frantic panicky gameplay. The zombies are coming at you from every angle armed with everything from machetes, chainsaws, crossbows and sticks of dynamite while you're scrambling to get away and making sure you have enough ammo, the real time inventory screen doesn't alleviate the pressure either. If you loved the cabin part in RE4, then this will be a constant treat.
The boss battles have been awesome and pretty varied with everything from humongous screenfilling thingies, to smaller faster thingies chasing you around. (I'm being vague to stay spoiler free)

The game looks amazing, the only lame part is how few different zombie models there are.

Up until the part where we're in the game now there hasn't really been any puzzles or placing of rubies and stuff and whatnot, but then suddenly we arrived to a place full of all kinds of puzzles and brainteasers (I'm still being vague to stay spoiler free)

I have no idea how Sheva is to play with in single player, but the game is extremely fun in co-op so I don't know if it will be like Army Of Two which was dogshit by yourself, but awesome witha  friend or like Gears Of War which was enjoyable either way.

All in all, I've had a great time with the game so far, but I'm gonna have to dock it some points for not doing the obvious updates for the controls in 2009 and for not having the merchant dude from RE4 in it.

So far I would give it 4/5

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