This game is giving me migrains

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Two days in a row this game has given me a serious headache, it hasn't been a problem because i've some left over Vicodan from a recent trip to the dentist, but it's still pretty bothersome. 
 I think it's the close camera angle and the constant 180 degree turns. Does anyone else have this problem with any other game?

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You might look at taking a break from playing video games if you are getting consistent headaches. Sometimes being in front of a television or monitor for too long hurts my eyes, which, in turn, causes headaches that grow increasingly more irritating over time.  
Just take a nap or something in your free time. Chill and listen to music. 

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Maybe it's the bloom?

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@Sir_Ragnarok: It's only this game, also i don't play games for to long at most i play for like 2 hours a day. I don't do marathon session mostly due to the fear my 360 will red ring. 
 It's weird, i can feel my eye straining while playing this game, i think i'll sit a little further from the t.v next time i play and play for like 30 min chunks.
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House? Is that you?

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