X-Play Gives Resident Evil 5 A 3 out of 5 (Video)

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#101 Posted by jakob187 (21762 posts) -
DarkGamerOO7 said:
"I really honestly can't see walking and shooting working in Resident Evil game, it just wouldn't feel right. It would be like giving Sam Fisher a rocket launcher......"
Best comparison EVER!!!
#102 Posted by Moeez (486 posts) -

Great review, deserved the score, it's just big dumb fun now instead of being a RE game. Which is fine, but...

#103 Posted by pause422 (6246 posts) -

The review is completely justified, even if you love the game and have no problem with it being RE4 in HD with co-op and thats it. It deserves what it got.

#104 Posted by JasonDaPsycho (429 posts) -

It's understandable that they've given it a 3/5
at least that's way more reasonable than Brad's 5/5 (not dissing :P)

Let's all face it, it's no where near perfect, and from what I've seen
RE5 - (New Inventory Management + "Realistic" Weapons + Sheva + Online Coop + More action) + Horror + OK storyline + Story from another perspective = RE4
not too much of additions and a couple of step backs, it's not surprise someone believe that that it deserves a 3/5

#105 Posted by Lost_In_Gaming (210 posts) -

I don't agree with most of what he said (in the X-Play Review).  I don't think Sheva's AI is all terrible.  Using the invetory is not hard, co-op or not.  I agree that it is mostly linear and the puzzles are simple, but it is still really fun to solve them, especially when the other player must be killing zombies to save both your lives.  The biggest downer of this game for me was that I had no trouble with any boss fights, except the final boss, which was a very boring fight anyway. 

Going on X-Play's 5 star system, I would give it a 4/5.

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