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Resident Shit !!!

This is not RE the game we once knewand loved .This game is just a squad shooter but the enemies are black people (Yeah Capcom sucks and inults Blacks ) Graphicly it great but gameplay wise it is shitty .

Dont waste your time with it .Go and buy MGS4 or GOW 2 for true squads games and Silent Hill for true thrill .

Posted by Sadsady


Posted by Fritzerbacon

Dude, if you don't like the game, okay...but get your facts straight before you start hating. And RE5 isn't a squad shooter btw.

Posted by lamegame621

Yeah, don't buy this 'racist squad shooter' lmao

Posted by BreakThings

This, quite possibly, may be the worst review I have ever seen. Did you even play the game apart from the demon because it seems not. Actually, what you give in the review is that the game has black people in it and > 1 person shooting at once. You could have gathered that from a picture of the game! SO, DID you even try the demo?!

Also, are you capable of writing in legible English?!

Posted by AvD

Haha, this is classic.

Posted by CopiousTurtle

1.  Technically, Resident Evil 4 isn't the Resident Evil we once knew and loved, and that game was great.

2.  Capcom hates Africans just because the game is set in Africa?  They are speaking Swahili (or a dialect of Swahili).  Swahili speaking countries in Africa are Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.  The population of British people in this area is .07%, other Europeans .07% and Indians .14%.  I could go on.  The total population of the area is 30 million people.  Would you prefer Capcom throw in some little green men to make it not so racially charged?  If it was set in S. Africa I see your point, but other than that I don't get your argument other than you hate the game, always will and want to discredit Capcom.

3.  Gameplay is "shitty?"  I admit I haven't played the game other than playing the demo, but that is because the game was released today!  If you played the game then you probably didn't give it the good ol' college try seeing as it is before noon where I'm writing this.

4.  MGS4 is a squad shooter?  I have my doubts that you know the classification of what a squad shooter really is.  I haven't played MGS4 because I don't have a PS3, but if you call RE5 a squad shooter and are referring to a game whose franchise is more in the action / stealth genre (MGS) then how can I believe that?

Lastly I will end my rant by adding some opinion to spice it up... Silent Hill must be an aquired taste, because I never could get into it like I can get into Resident Evil.

Posted by RoboRobb

Wow. This guys a complete Idiot

Posted by Elazul

"(Yeah Capcom sucks and inults Blacks )"
"go with Silent Hill for true thrill"

What a terrifically logical and well presented arguement. You've certainly swayed my opinion of Resident Evil 5!

Posted by Grillbar

1st of its not a squad shooter co-op dont make it a squad wheather its with a freinds or forced on by an A.I
2nd yes there is black people in the game but there are allso white and so on its multi cultural witch dossent make Capcom rasist
they just followed up on the animated re dg movie and what about re 4 they were hispanic but that was not rasism???
it either is or is not
and if so even samurai ninja is a rasist.
are we really at a point where when we what to make a game we need to force an equal amount of every race on every side (good/bad side) and make sure that only the blacks can do anything against blacks and white can only anything against the white
in the end if you think a game have hate crimes in it then just leave it and let everybody els deal with it. the meaning of the game is only what you make it in to

this aint even a review this is just a person talking shit about the game in witch he could only stretch to 3 lines
if you hate the game dont review it people dont want negative feed back if posible.

i kinda hope this review gets removed.
if he game it 1 star and explained why it got that instead og just hitting the hate key, then ofc it should stay

but basicly if you dont like the game dont review it
i cant stand Gow 2 but im not posting it

basicly read what CopiousTurtle is saying he points it out pretty good

and sorry for my spelling but since my burth language is not english its not really that good

Posted by PrintedCrayon

This is quite possibly the best review I have ever read.

Edited by Ujio

Insults Blacks? How? 'Cause they're in Africa?

Go fuck youself with that politically correct bullshit.

Posted by walter_sobchak

You're out of your element.

Posted by SilenceUK

Move the fuck along moron the games exaclty what fans of resi 4 want (other than the missing merchant) also  have both a ps3 and a 360 and a wii but i think u may be a fan boy thats upset brad pointed out that its better on the 360

Posted by Hausdog


Posted by Magnus_Bulla

The word "tool" springs to mind...

Posted by thiago

Why so much hate against the reviewer? I was never a big Resident Evil fan, but I played RE3 and RE4 and the horror atmosphere was the best.

I will pick this game (for the PS3) no matter what, but the idea that this is more of an action game bothers me. Also the fact that you have a partner also kills it.

It seems that Capcom is using the Resident Evil franchise to make money, that simple. They "westernized" the game by making it more action oriented and added co-op (which is a cheap way of adding "fun" to a game that wouldn't be fun otherwise).

Posted by NoRemnants

This guy is obviously a troll. The game was just released today and he has already played it enough to write a review? I don't think so.

GB should ban people like this just for being morons.

Posted by Duke_Lion

Haha this review made me laugh, but I thought they had to be at least 100 words?

Posted by Kowalski

You suck dude, alot! Go hide under the slimey rock you crawled out from.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

What a troll !!!

Posted by Ubergeist

You're a fucking idiot.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Yall' postin in a troll thread.

Posted by Haku

Love your review.

You encouraged me to go pick up the game. I'm tired of shooting Germans and Japanese, shooting me some Africans sounds great!

Thanks again.

Posted by Milkman

This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read in my life.

Posted by GaspoweR


Posted by FullMetal_Mac

Okay this review doesn't make sense.

Posted by Snake_Eyes_Ex

Is Sadsady actually N'Gai?

Posted by Ulquiorra

Someone mod this it isn't even a proper review it's just some troll taking the piss.

Posted by Chaser324

Agreed! Someone bring down the ban-hammer on this fool.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

You sir, are touched in the brain.

Edited by Downsize

Obviously a review made by someone who has never played a video game, let alone a Resident Evil game ever.  Sad.  As this is one of the best games I've played this year.

Posted by Davvyk

Wow i think someone just got to use a computer for the first time in their life and got a little excited

Posted by TMThomsen

Is it possible to delete reviews?

Posted by LordAndrew

Why did two people recommend this? Even if you don't like the game, you'd have to be blind not to notice how poorly written this review is, with nothing to back up the author's claims.

Posted by Kombat

Nice, someone didn't even play the game.  DEMO REVIEWS ARE GO!  I'd like it if the staff removed this review, as it is negatively effecting the overall average.

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