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It’s easy to crap on, but Capcom delivers another masterpiece

Resident Evil 4 released on the Gamecube and rewrote the rules on third-person action. I for one, consider Resident Evil 6 one of the best games of this last generation, I also believe if it wasn't for the game's innovations, games like Halo 4(unreleased) wouldn't exist in their current form.

While the game doesn't break new ground, RE6 is an incredible game that shouldn't be missed. To be honest, this game is merely a slightly improved version of Resident Evil 6. So if that game turned you off for whatever reason, there probably isn't much here that'll change your mind.

RE6 doesn't need fast paced controls because of the pace of the game and the enemies are slower and more methodical than other representatives of the genre.

If you've been with the franchise since the beginning, you're in for a treat. The major Umbrella Corporation plot line is tied up, and most of the other plot holes are filled in. You'll also be treated with the return of some characters, in addition to an important protagonist. I wouldn't want to ruin that special moment for you! Wherever the series goes to from here, it's safe to say the Umbrella story arc is behind us.

The biggest problem I have with RE6 besides the merchant (what are ya buy'in?) being absent, is the location. The familiar location held more weight to it, and the argument is the same as to why Fallout 3's setting is such a huge success.

It's really easy to crap on RE6, and critique all its mistakes. The friendly AI sucks, the game rejects its horror reputation in favor of pretending it's a shooter, and you never get that B-Movie feel the other games were so notable for. While this game screws up so badly in a lot of areas, it's still one heck of a ride. The moment-to moment encounters are always a blast, and the game is simply, fun. The game's hardly been out a week, and I've been through it twice, and starting my third trip shortly. Players who persevere through the main story will find plenty of rewards.

I'm very excited to tackle the additional challenges Resident Evil 6 presents. Considering the volume of quality content, this game is a smart purchase. This game is also one of the best experiences on store shelves. With that said, RE6 is a fat package that'll keep you coming back.

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Posted by JBrighty

hello, your review is short, lacks on information. you couldve explained how the perks work, the stamina for runnin and CQC, the dodge mechanic. etc

But i kinda agree with you, this game is solid if you manage to handle the controls properly. It looks like a GoW, but if it behaves no as well (something i could argue with) it works very well. Again, you need to know HOW it works before talk crap about it. You can FINALLY move while aimin (thank god!), the melee is solid, and like Deadspace you have place yourself on the right spot for a finishing move (ie crush the head on the ground) but beware too many melee attacks gets you exhausted, in result your punches lack strength and obviously dont do much (but theres a medal for punching out of stamina =). Theres also recoil for shooting, which can be annoyin for gun blazing persons, in RE6 except for large monsters, you have to aim and shoot in short bursts if you want a kill, but you can also buy the recoil perk later on with enough Skill Points.

The only thing i was bothered with was some boss fight you can hardly figure what you have to do, but once you figure it out its quite simple and very easy in coop (played solo most of the time). Talkin about coop, the Ai behaves pretty well too, manage to kill several mobs, you can even issue orders to focus its fire on a target (LT+B), or even congratulate him/her for a shot or revive. Oh well, sometimes i wish it wa&snt so eager to revive you in the heat of battle, but a quick dodge (LT+A in any direction) gets you out of trouble and give you enough time to take pill. By the way the new medicine is great, fast and versatile but only if you have room in your inventory. Because yes, space is limited.

Another thing is the QTEs. Im not a fan of QTEs but JP love it so its not a surprise RE6 got some for many things, satring an engine can be quite a challenge for example bc its seems to have delay between the prompt and the moment you press the button, weird. But for those who critise those 'prompt to jump', my advice would be : just keep on pressin A and the character will automatically jump over each gap and climb ladders even faster. (Chris first chapter for example, on the rooftops, pretty useful tip), climbing a rope QTE is nice i felt like actually climbing something, so yes good use of LT+RT.

it's not the first time a menu doesnt pause the game so its not a bad , you cant still clear an area and bring it up to change your settings.

I dont get all the shit drop about this game, it seems unfair, it cant be worse than RE5 tbh. Its like a lot of people cant see things they use to love for a particular reason evolve. Exit the fixed camera angles, exit the stiff shooting, exit the "Alone in the Dark" type of feel and its typewriter ribbons. And thank you for that, because it grew VERY OLD. So yes, this game is action packed coop shooter movie etc but still has this cheesy RE scenarii and unprobable events the serie used to have. Today you can be terrified by hidious monsters, but not by being alone in the dark for the sake of it, in RE6, because ITS BEEN DONE ALREADY, and the story doesnt allow that after more than 10 games. So maybe RE6 close the whole with a big flashy Michael Bay version of itself that, later on, will be reborn as it first was (RE2 remake anyone ?) with a brand new storyline in a parallel universe.

Posted by simkas

You really didn't put much effort in this review, did you? You keep mixing up RE6 with whatever previous RE game you're talking about which makes it impossible to understand what you actually mean when you say stuff like "RE6 is merely a slightly improved version of Resident Evil 6" and you mentioned a bunch of flaws in the game yet still give it 5 stars, 5 stars means the game is perfect and has little to no flaws.

Posted by mrcraggle

You literally cannot give a game a 5 star review if it has significant problems. A 5 indicates that this game although may not be perfect, is still very good with very few glaring flaws. You can however rate a game lower but still highly recommend it. One of the best games I've played this year is Dragon's Dogma which has a ton of problems and I agree with Patrick's review but the fundimental gameplay is so solid, that it really stands out and shines above a lot of what ultimately bring the game down.

Posted by fartGOD666

hahhaha I think you have some work ahead of you with this literacy thing

Posted by stephenage

What's it like working at Capcom?

Posted by impartialgecko

@stephenage said:

What's it like working at Capcom?

He's leaving Capcom Unity and striking out into the big leagues!

Posted by Slixshot

Easy to crap on, but easier to let nostalgia blind your vision :)

Posted by UberExplodey


Posted by TheChaos

@stephenage said:

What's it like working at Capcom?

Posted by Heavenly_King

For me this game is awesome!! Why care about reviews when you can make your own opinion based on the demo and gameplay trailers. Reviews are always going to be biased whether people do it intentionally or not.

The complete game is a lot better than the demos. The graphics are better, the camera is not as close as in the demo, controls and animations are more responsive. You should rent it at least, and if you like it, you should buy it!

Posted by deano546


Posted by EchoEcho

You start out your review claiming that Halo 4 wouldn't exist in its current state if not for the innovations that RE4 (RE6?) brought with it. Not-so-coincidentally, that's also where I stopped reading.

Posted by ticklefist

If it wasn't for Resident Evil 4 or 6 cake or twinkies would not exist in their current form!

Posted by CaLe

You really wanna justify that purchase, don't you.

Posted by honkyjesus

Thanks for the review, Capcom.

Posted by CornBREDX

I'm starting to see a trend. People who like this actually just like the movies (I guess story) and not really so much the game. 
It's really funny 4 of 57 people found this review helpful. That says a lot. It doesn't help that a lot of this review doesn't make sense. I mean I can tell that you mean it, but you don't seem to be able to articulate why this game is good. Just that you think it is. 
Ask yourself: Do you enjoy playing it (controlling a character and doing stuff in the game world) or do you enjoy watching it? For, what I can tell, that is the majority of people's problems with the game. Actually playing it is awful. 
I'll probably get it when it's super cheap.

Posted by Dohers

this game screws up so badly in a lot of areas


Posted by chrisphil1724

Did you read your own review before hitting submit?

Posted by Arabes

Ah ... What? I mean.... Jesus I dunnow man. I get that you like the game and that's cool and all, we'll agree to differ, but you need to read your next review a couple of times before you post it. And what link does an unreleased halo game have to Resident evil 4 or maybe 6? Think about the rating system - 5 means pretty damn close to if not in fact perfect. This game is not perfect. You said so yourself. I loved Fallout New Vegas, one of my all time favourites, probably in my top ten, it's a 4 star game in my opinion. That's the way reviews work. You don't just say "That was fun - 5 STARS !!!!"

Just a little bit of constructive criticism.

Posted by Irvandus

@Slixshot said:

Easy to crap on, but easier to let nostalgia blind your vision :)


Posted by TruthTellah

It's kind of sad when someone just makes a new account and writing a glowing review for a game even they admit is flawed is the only thing they do on the site. It seems ridiculous that this can even happen.

Anyway, I agree with -some- of what you said, but then, your review score seems completely separate from your analysis. You weigh its good and bad points and then just say, "F' it, nostalgia makes it a 5 out of 5." Isn't that a bit odd to you?

Posted by Landon

To be honest, this game is merely a slightly improved version of Resident Evil 6. So if that game turned you off for whatever reason, there probably isn't much here that'll change your mind.


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    Why Does this exist. It is like Michael Bay and J.J Abrams made a video game and M. Night Shyamalan tried to be in this but not much. It ruined Resident Evil for me and I hope whoever made this game lost there jobs and they need to have the people (or as good) as Resident Evil 1-4. I wouldn't make my worst enemy play this game....

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