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Don't listen to the haters

First off I think that this game is being given a bad ride okay so the story is a little sketcy in some places and it lacks some of the old Resident Evil such as puzzles. I have been in to Resident Evil since the beginning and have played all the games whilst this is not as good as the 4th it is a lot better then the 5th one. Chris's campaign  thought was the worst I think they just chucked that one in just to make people think that they got there moneys worth time wise you can tell that they are trying to do a Gears of War/ Call of Duty thing there for me the best part was Ada Wong I think that she stole the show in the game though her campaign didn't really answer anything that it said it would it was still fun to play. The graphics as always was good and were a lot better then 5 drawing attention to little details and the voice acting was great as well I was expecting them to make Sherry annoying like Ashley in the 4th one but she wasn't too bad (Also is it me or does Jake look like Eminem with a scar on his cheek). All in all I think it's a good game not one of the best ones that they have done but at lest worth renting for a week.

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    WHY? 0

    Why Does this exist. It is like Michael Bay and J.J Abrams made a video game and M. Night Shyamalan tried to be in this but not much. It ruined Resident Evil for me and I hope whoever made this game lost there jobs and they need to have the people (or as good) as Resident Evil 1-4. I wouldn't make my worst enemy play this game....

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