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Retora Game Studios was founded in 2011 by Tyler Coleman alongside his friend Winston "Buddy" Powell. The Tempe, AZ-based developer started off in mobile games, creating Hello Color the year of their establishment. From there, Retora earned its first contract in the summer of 2012, creating two mobile applications for The Lost Medallion, a children's movie based on a book of the same name.

Retora has gone on to create a number of jams and experiments while continuing their contract work. Their latest works include A Plant's Life and Haunted Escape, both available on mobile platforms. The studio is currently working on a variety of titles, all under NDA, that will be released over the coming months.

They've also got a blog with commentary on the developer lifestyle, experiences while traveling (not always game-related), and more.

A full list of their other games, prototypes, and the like can be found at their website.

Current Staff

  • Tyler Coleman - CEO, Creative Director
  • Winston "Buddy" Powell - Art Director, 2D/3D Artist
  • William Tate - 2D/3D Artist
  • Dennis Porter - Technical/2D/3D Artist
  • Kendal Cormany - Programmer
  • Brendan Erquiaga - Programmer
  • Alexander Bascom - Programmer
  • Zachary Snader - Designer, Community Manager

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