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Dirt 3 isn't as big a jump forward as Dirt 2 was, but tweaks and additional modes and features make it as deep as it is fun.

I was a little worried when I first started playing Dirt 3. It seemed, in those first few hours, pretty similar to Dirt 2. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course, but if it’s just more of the same, why buy it? But after thoroughly exploring all the game has to offer, I can assure you it's much more than a simple rehash of 2009's offering.


The first thing you notice about any Dirt game, Dirt 3 included, is its interface. The Dirt series has developed a reputation for flashy menus and strong tone, most recently in Dirt 2, which maintained an almost overwhelming “totally rad Mountain Dew bro” attitude throughout the game. Dirt 3 sheds all this and instead opts for something more like “hanging out at the bar in a trendy Berlin hotel,” with its artsy triangular motifs and chill electronic music. While I personally preferred the stronger, more cohesive tone of the previous game, others may find this to be a welcome change. In any event, the menus are much faster and easier to navigate than Dirt 2’s immersive but somewhat cumbersome RV interface.

Selecting Dirt Tour will take you to the campaign, where you’ll see familiar modes like rally (point-to-point races), rallycross (motocross with cars), landrush (like rallycross but with trucks or buggies), trailblazer (like rally but with super fast cars), and head-2-head (one-on-one circuit races). Dirt 3 has also added a new mode, gymkhana, to the mix, but more on that later. Each mode is featured in a number of multi-race series that are spread throughout the campaign. Series of differing modes are grouped together in events, which unlock as the player earns points by doing well in each series. At the same time, the player earns “rep” points that can be used to unlock more cars. Rep points are earned by placing well, completing optional missions such as reaching a certain top speed, and by conserving flashbacks, the Dirt series’ name for its rewind feature.

Nighttime cockpit mode in the snow will put hair on your chest.

Unlike Dirt 2, which grouped series by locale, Dirt 3 jumps around between eight environments: Aspen (snow!), Finland, Kenya, the L.A. Coliseum, Michigan, Monaco, Norway, and the Smelter industrial site. That’s one fewer locale than Dirt 2, but Dirt 3 makes up for it with an increased number of tracks (double that of Dirt 2) and the inclusion of weather and time-of-day options. A wet track plays significantly differently from a dry one, as does one at night that you’ve previously only seen during the day. Some circuit tracks are so dark that you’ll find yourself having to memorize where turns are, turning blindly into blackness, hoping that your headlights will reveal some familiar section of wall. Nighttime rally courses are similarly intense, requiring you to rely almost exclusively on your co-driver for directions. Night races are, in short, awesome.

If that sounds crazy to you, don’t worry. Dirt 3 has made things easier on newer players by including optional throttle, brake, and steering assists. The game won’t quite play itself, but it can come pretty darn close. A dynamic racing line is also included. Like pretty much every other modern racing game, the line shows the best way around the track and changes color when it’s time to brake. As mentioned before, flashbacks are back, except now you get five of them per race, regardless of difficulty. Some may consider this feature a “dumbing down” of the game, but in my experience, having that safety nets encourages you to try riskier moves and ultimately become a better driver. Also, as far as I could tell, difficulty barely matters. Playing on a harder setting, while much more difficult in terms of how good your opponents are, does not affect the amount of points you get at the end of the series, nor does it affect your rep points. Really, the only thing holding you back from blasting through the game on easy is shame.

Uploading a clip to YouTube is as easy as watching a progress bar.

For those worried that the game may be losing its hardcore roots, fear not. Dirt 3 retains the series’ signature physics-regulated handling system, and even improves it a bit by adding independent suspension so cars rock realistically with changes in direction. It’s hardly a noticeable improvement until you go back to Dirt 2 and try to play without it. The graphics are similarly improved, with many minor upgrades conspiring to create some truly beautiful environments, and at no cost to a steady framerate.

But Dirt 3 isn’t all about improvements to existing features. It’s got some new ones as well, like YouTube integration. At any point during a flashback or after-race replay, one button takes you into the YouTube clip editing mode. Simply set an “in” and “out” point (the clips are limited to 30 seconds) and start uploading. The tools are fairly easy to use and require nothing more than a YouTube user name and password. Your uploaded videos aren’t HD quality, and they take a while to render and upload (about 10 minutes for a 30 second clip with my 3Mbps upstream connection), but it’s a great way to preserve and share any crazy moments you have.

In addition to the standard racing modes in the campaign, players will also run across gymkhana events. Gymkhana events are trick-based, taking place in open areas stuffed with obstacles for you to drift through, jump over, and do donuts around. There are a few different types, namely sprint (do these tricks in this order), smash attack (smack cardboard cutouts of robots with your car), speed run (make it through these gates in time), and attack (do these tricks in any order). This sort of Project Gotham Kudos-meets-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater style of gameplay is lots of fun, but it can get pretty challenging. Fortunately, Dirt 3 features a free-roam area known as the Battersea Compound where players can practice their drifting skills without the pressure of a time limit. Collectibles and missions unique to this open area, like drifting around a backhoe, make Battersea a pretty cool spot to hang out in.

Gymkhana! Split-screen!

Gymkhana, as well as the rest of the racing modes from the campaign, also makes an appearance in multiplayer. Players can test their skills against each other in point-based matches, but the real action is in the party games. These modes, available as team or solo ranked and unranked matches, eschew most of the racing pretext and become full-blown minigames. They range from Outbreak, which takes place on a gymkhana course and is sort of a free-for-all capture the flag-meets-tag, to Cat ‘n’ Mouse, where two teams of rally cars have to escort their team’s underpowered “mouse” car to the finish while blocking the other team. These modes are a ton of fun. The game also supports local split-screen multiplayer for two people, a first for the series.

In order to play online, however, players are required to enter a code for the game’s “VIP Pass” (included in the game case), which also unlocks five additional cars and the ability to upload YouTube clips. As of this writing, the PlayStation Store is offline, making it impossible for PS3 players to redeem this code and consequently take part in any of the VIP Pass benefits, including online play.

The Dirt series has carved out a nice little niche in the racing game genre, one between the who-needs-the-brake-button-anyway madness of games like Motorstorm and Burnout, and clinical, it’s-fun-because-it’s-real simulations like Gran Turismo and Forza. Dirt splits the difference, offering crazy mud-covered tracks and approachable yet nuanced controls, which combine to create the perfect blend of fun and challenge. Dirt 3, the latest installment, is no exception, and everything fans of the series have come to love in past games has been tuned and upgraded, making it feel an awful lot like the definitive off-road racing game.

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 how will I know how you feel about it with no picture!?
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looks awesome

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I'm so happy to see Drew's doodle returns!

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not a racing but i love the ms paint drew lol

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Oh god that picture is back. 

@Laketown said: 
how will I know how you feel about it with no picture!?
Look he clearly has a smile on his face. And his slouch and eye wrinkle things make you think zombie so he probably stayed up all night playing it. Clearly its the best picture for this.
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just got back from best buy and this shows up, I was expecting a 5!

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Drew's avatar is the best.

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@melting_window said:
Drew's avatar is the best.
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Liked Dirt, Thought Dirt 2 was ok, I am hoping this one is the best of the three.

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Yay, a Drewview. That caricature needs to eat, though. Damn.

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Good review. Also, I for one still really like Drew's review picture. I think Vinny did a good job on it.

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Eating disorder / depressed Drew makes a staggering return.

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This makes me wanna buy it. Played the Dirt 2 demo on pc and that was horrible, mainly because of the controls on pc. However got a PS3 now so :)

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DREW! Nice.

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Its great to see Drew finally doing another review.

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Didn't read the review, yet, but glad to see Drew still kicking it with his love to racing games and most importantly, showing it in written form :D.

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LOL. The drawing of Drew looks like Tin Tin.

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The doodle is still hilarious. Oh and nice review, I'm not really a driving game fan btw.

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Drew that has been poorly drew! 
I'm in two minds about this, all 5 star games really should be acquired with no seconds thoughts, but drew is so bias to the genre and series, and i'm just not a huge car nut that i'm struggling to convince myself.

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Drew : salad fingers edition 

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It's "Dr. Katz" Drew, yay!

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I feel like Vinny's drawing should make an appearance. Also great job Drew!

Posted by cinemandrew

I'm strongly considering picking this up. I enjoyed the first 2 games on PC. Not sure whether I want the PC or 360 version though. I'm assuming it will look amazing on PC (as with the last one), but I think I'd really enjoy playing it on my big screen in my living room.

Posted by NissanSkyline

Its official now, you must accept 4.5 stars as a score.

Posted by sjolle

looks epic

Posted by Vorbis

I haven't picked up a racing game since... ever. But I've always enjoyed watching Rally when it's on, tempted to pick it up but I'm just unsure how much I would play it.

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cant wait to see this on my pc

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@pyromaster222 said:
I feel like Vinny's drawing should make an appearance. Also great job Drew!
Yeah! where's the drewdle...the droooodle...alright i'll shuddup.
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WOOT! Excited

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DrEW 3  5 triforces.

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I love Drew's caricature so much.

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After hearing all the great buzz about Dirt 2, I considering picking this one up.

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I haven't seen the Drew pic before.  I approve.

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Drew should just have 5 pictures of Michael C Hall ranging from sad to very happy.

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Epic picture! 

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@Zabant: Some might say that you're "biased" against the racing genre! 
In all fairness, 5 stars just means that the reviewer thought it was worth 5 stars. Whether or not the actual (text) review manages to convince you that he has a point, that's another matter.
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Drew's five-star pic is from his appearance on Squidbillies.

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I love squiggle-vision Drew.

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Hello Drew,
Good review and I love your picture. How meaty would you say the singleplayer portion is compared to the pyramid in Dirt 1, which I felt could be climbed a little too quickly?

Posted by CptBedlam

Great review.
Just got the game today and played it for about 3-4 hours. 
I especially like the new vibe: less x-games crap and emo-rock, more rally and (mostly) classy music. After Dirt 2 the series almost lost me... but yeah, back on track now!

Posted by Zabant
@Gaff said:
@Zabant: Some might say that you're "biased" against the racing genre!  In all fairness, 5 stars just means that the reviewer thought it was worth 5 stars. Whether or not the actual (text) review manages to convince you that he has a point, that's another matter.
Maybe, maybe. On the other hand i'm not working for a very reputable and respected game reviewer. For me 5 starts from giant bomb means go out and buy this game no matter what. Considering drews review gives the highest praise out of all the reviews on metacritic for dirt3 I think you have to take this with drew being a massive fan of the dirt series and genre in mind. If jeff brad or ryan gave this a 5 stars I would definitely go right out and get it because I know those guys only have a passing interest in this type of game like myself so i can relate much better. I dont mean to disparage or insult drew with this opinion, I just mean to point out the difference of a review from a guy who plays and reviews all games and a guy who only does reviews for the new game in a series he is already know for loving.
Posted by AhmadMetallic

my cousin is crazy about Ken Block's driving style and cars, and i need a powerful driving game for my upcoming beastly PC 
Dirt 3 is a purchase for me! in a few months though

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I'm just happy that I got to see that terrible Drew picture again. Good review too!

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Great review, Drew.
Here's hoping for many more in the future.

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Is there a demo for this? 

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Oh look, it's really good. 

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Looks like a blast.  I think I'll be picking this up.

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Comment 50! Also, that doodle of Drew is hilarious.

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