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Rhyme Rider Kerorican is a rhythm game designed by the famed Masaya Matsuura (founder of NanaOn-Sha and credited with the creation of the music game genre). Rhyme Rider Kerorican is very similar to another one of Masaya Matsuura's games, Vib Ribbon. Rhyme Rider Kerorican was released for the WonderSwan Color on December 9, 2000 (only in Japan) and was published by Bandai. Rhyme Rider Kerorican was criticized for its very difficult gameplay, including its difficulty of timing and hard button combinations (in addition, if the player makes one error, it is instant death for Kerorican). Despite this, there is a "one-button" easy mode, in which there are no difficult button combinations.


Kerorican flies over several obstacles.

The game stars Kerorican, the titular female astronaut of the game. She walks along to techno music. The player must guide her as she encounters enemies and obstacles (jumping, kicking, or dodging these to the music). As she does so, more notes are added to the song. The more obstacles that Kerorican clears, the higher her combo meter goes. If this combo meter goes high enough, she can skip over certain obstacles (by flying over them). This happens more when there are harder button combos. The game is four levels long, for which it was criticized.

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