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RoboSport is a strategy game developed and published by Maxis.  It was created by Edward Kilham.  According to the box, it "combines the tactical challenge of chess with the intensity of guerilla warfare to provide total strategic mayhem."  It is notable as one of the first network games (the Mac version supporting Appletalk, the PC version supporting NetBIOS, and the Amiga version supporting TCP/IP), and one of the first games to include replays of completed games.

Each team of robots in a game of RoboSport is controlled by either a human or AI player, and begins in a "home area".  Each robot on a team can be programmed with point-and-click commands for up to 15 seconds.  Programmable moves can include moving around the map, raising/lowering the head of the robot (changing your field of view), firing a weapon at a particular location, or scanning for enemy players and firing if they are seen.
After all moves have been entered for each teams, the game generates the outcome of all moves, and players are treated to "movie mode", where they can review how their moves played out.  Robots that receive too much damage are removed from the playfield.  The players then begin another round until one player is declared the victor or time runs out.
The game features 24 maps - eight sizes across three tilesets (suburbs, rubble, and computer).  Because nearly every aspect of the game can be customized (mode, map, team size, team roster), the game is considered to be highly customizable.
The game included a separate application called "RoboPlayer", which allowed players to review completed games.

Game Modes ("Sports")

  • Survival (last team standing wins)
  • Capture the Flag (grab the other team's flag and return it to your home area)
  • Hostage
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Baseball    (touch all four bases to win)

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