Grenade Hop?

#1 Posted by mosespippy (4708 posts) -

Does a grenade hop count as a rocket jump?  I'm thinking specifically of in Marathon (Bungie, 1994, Mac) where grenades are launched from a grenade launcher and are used to hop.  I think it should be counted as a rocket jump, and is most likely the first appearance of the action in video games.

#2 Posted by patrick (578 posts) -

From the looks of the page, rocket jump just refers to any weapon being used to jump higher. Hell, that'd include Rogue Trip using dynamite to jump across the Grand Canyon.

#3 Posted by MatthewMeadows (600 posts) -

Yeah adding grenade hops should be fine.

#4 Posted by Riotisonfire (133 posts) -

unless there is a concept page called gernade jump but seeing is how this page talks about gerande jumping as a form of rocket jumping then it should be considred in the same catagory and rocket jumping is my favorite thing to do in any game that i can.

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