hangid's RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) review

The Game that started the "tycoon" business.

This series is known for coming out of the cereal box for free. Thats how i started to get into these series. Roller Coaster tycoon is a very fun and addicting game that can suck you in for hours on end.
In the game, there mission based objectives in which you must complete a certain goal. For example, your mission is to have at least 1500 guests with a park rating of 600.
From there you plant pre-built rides onto areas in your park or you can manually build rides yourself. There is also the responsibility of organizing your park so things don't go wrong.
The graphics aren't anything impressive but there good enough to convince you that this game is about building your own sandbox. 

The game play is quite excellent. Everything views in 3rd person, giving you a god like view of your park. The interface gives you all the tools you need to build and organize your park and there is an easy learning curve.

Overall this game is very impressive and a very good time killer.

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