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In Royal Envoy, the player has been elected by the king to rebuild the fiefdom of islandshire. Many of the different islands in the game (which constitute the variosu statges of the game, each being divided into mini-levels in itself) have lost their cities and it is up to the player to rebuild it. Royal Envoy is a time managment game, yet, there is no way to lose the game as the only inclination to make hast is to eventually earn a golden star that results in more points once a level is completed. If you take longer and the timer runs out, you can still finish the level and move on to the next, alas, you won't get all the trophies that come with the game that way.
The game comes with two basic building types, houses for your villagers to live in and industrial buildings, such as sawmills, banks or markets. In each level (map), their players must create a thriving city, usually made up of anywhere between a handful and a dozen of buildings, colleting rent and producing wood to build more buildings and upgrades while keeping and eye on the happiness fo the villagers. Each level has different winning conditions, sometimes you have to build a specific number of building or collected a specific amount of gold. As the game goes on, more buildings and obstacles are added to the levels, such as broken bridges (which need to be repaired) or smoking pirates (who need to be bribed). 

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