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Russell is the friend of Carl Fredricksen. When Russell was trying to gain his "assisting the elderly badge", Carl told him many times that he didn't need assisting. However, fate crossed their paths again. When Carl attacked one of the workers that destroyed his mail box, he was sued to get his house taken away. Eventually, Carl decided to take his house to paradise falls by using lots of balloons to cary his house. Russell was trying to find the imaginary bird called a "snipes." He stumbled on Carl's doorsteps, and was freaking out about the house being in the air. Carl and Russell began their long trip together to Paradise Falls. Carl soon found out that, Russell's parents are divorced and that his dad's new wife tells Russell to stop bothering him. In the end, when Russell gets his assisting the elderly badge, Russell's father doesn't appear. Instead Carl pins on the badge for Russell, and the two begin many more adventures. Because "Adventure Is Out There!"

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