Cards Against Humanity Panel PAX Prime 2013

#1 Posted by jrmet (5 posts) -
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I Finally got it uploaded correctly and it turned out great. Ripped from the stream archive.

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#3 Posted by pinner458 (1025 posts) -

Pretty great show. John Vicnocchi nearly broke my heart.

#4 Posted by leinad44 (559 posts) -

Man now I'm sad again. That was a great tribute.

#5 Edited by rick9109 (180 posts) -

Laughter tears in my eyes as the pie plopped into the toilet.

#6 Posted by kkotd (332 posts) -

Time to cry all over again. I'm really glad they did this, but damn if it ain't a tearjerker to remember such a great duder. Miss you Ryan.

#7 Posted by Launch (74 posts) -

Goddamn you, Johnny. Making me cry like that after I thought I had worked it all out of my system.

#8 Posted by zakn (69 posts) -

Thanks for posting this.

#9 Edited by jking47 (1266 posts) -

Panel was amazing, if possible there should be a version of this up on the site.

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