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Better Than I Hoped For 0

This is probably the most maligned of the launch titles for either console, Crytek's Ryse was viewed as being a gorgeous game with shaky game mechanics. Early game footage appeared to be a game with tons of QTE and little else. This didn't concern me as I adored Asura's Wrath, so on with the QTE, I say.Truth be known, in college, the two eras in history I found the most fascinating were the rise and fall of Weimar Germany...and the fall of Rome. The multiple sacks of Rome by assorted barbarian t...

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Ryse: Son of Rome Review: All Guts, No Glory 0

Ryse: Son of Rome is proof that you can judge a title by its E3 showing. Although I marveled at the game’s conversion from a surefire Kinect failure to a third-person action title, others around me were less than impressed. Copious executions aside, Ryse failed to wow the crowds with its quick-time events and Saving Private Ryan parody. Months later, my indifference now matches theirs. Son of Rome is the poster boy of the Xbox One's computing power, but the antiquated gameplay, albeit brutal, sk...

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RYSE: Son of Rome Review 0

RYSE: Son of Rome is one of the launch titles for the XBOX ONE. In this game you will be playing the part of a Roman soldier that rises through the ranks and ends up in a position to save the empire. This is a 3rd person hack and slash, combo reliant game that utilizes CryTek.Graphically this game looks amazing. The animations are smooth the amount of detail in the world is amazing. The different locations you'll go to also show a ton of work done ot make it feel like you are truly stepping int...

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A decently fun action game with ambitious visuals, but less ambitious gameplay. 0

Check out the video review!Whenever a new console is released, you always have to have that one game that turns heads with it’s visuals. So when it was announced Crytek would make an action game for the launch of the new Xbox, it was pretty obvious Ryse would be the showcase of the console’s processing power. It’s a simple fact that Crytek makes beautiful games, but they’ve struggled to prove that they can make a good action game. But it’s finally here, and I’m going to give you my verdict.Let’s...

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More a visual showcase than game, but still quite fun regardless. 0

The RadVisually stunning.Solid combat mechanics.The BadMore linear than you might hope.So I got my Xbox One and Ryse was the first game I got going.I can’t say it held as much interest to me as say, Dead Rising 3, but of all the launch games this is the one that people say LOOKS next-gen.And boy does it.The visual fidelity is just mind boggling, there are times you’d swear you were looking at prerendered cut scenes if it weren't for the fact you had control.Does it play as good as it looks?Almos...

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Tonight we dine in Hades 0

Ancient Rome doesn’t get enough love in the videogame industry. Outside of strategy titles, few games have touched on the betrayals, wars, and conquests of Roman history. The mythology of Ancient Greece tends to overshadow all when it comes to the loosely-based historical game market and that is fair – the wars of the gods make for compelling narratives after all – but what about the Romans?Crytek sought to bring the underrepresented to the forefront with their Xbox One launch title, Ryse: Son o...

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Ryse: Son of Rome Review 0

Ryse was very much capable of being the next Assassin’s Creed. Unfortunately, it fails on a few levels that make it a mediocre experience overall.The setting is fantastic, and it is one of the most artistically proficient games I’ve ever played - no surprise coming from Crytek. It’s beauty is only marred by the Xbox One’s inability to maintain it a consistent frame rate. When there are too many enemies or particle effects on the screen, the Xbox stutters in a jarring but...

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