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games that haven't come out yet that i'd like to stay up-to-date on

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Posted by WerePaladin

Nice list there.  There's more than a few games on that list that I'm watching out for myself.  :)
Posted by ribeye

thanks man, i have a bit of an addiction, finally got all the consoles last year and have a decent gaming pc, i'm just trying to keep up now  =)
Posted by WerePaladin
I started out as a PC gamer, but have strayed (somewhat) from the fold and now play most of my games on consoles.  I'm also trying to keep up with all the amazing games that get released, but some life changes (baby on the way, change of job) have made that a lil' tricky.  *shrug*
Posted by Adaptor

Thanks for the recommendation :)  Lots of cool games here too, I see.  The Witness and Dungeon Siege 3 were new to me, added them to my own list.   Let's hope I Am Alive manages to stay alive. Could be a great game.

Posted by TheKeyboardDemon

Just looking through this list. I'm excited about NFS:HP too. Not long now! w00t

Posted by Tilghan

Just for the sake of correct info, Max Payne 3 comes out on the 15th, not the 29th. Other than that, I dig this list.