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The Witcher 3 goes open world

The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt is a game currently in development by CD Projekt RED, the creators of the popular RPG series The Witcher. This game is confirmed to be the third and final part of Geralt's story, and is to be the first open-world game in the 'Witcher' franchise. Along with the game's announcement a flurry of in game screenshots showcasing CD Projekt RED's own updated REDengine 3 technology.

The game's subtext 'The Wild Hunt" is a indication on the story's direction, in the story's fiction The Wild Hunt is a group of riders that abduct people then forcing them to join. In The Witcher 2 the plot took a turn and was reveled from Geralt's lost memory his lover was kidnapped by The Wild Hunt.

On February 21st, 2013, the developer confirmed that the game will also be released on Sony's recently announced PlayStation 4. CEO Adam Kicinski said "With Sony's new hardware and our new engine, there are no limits to what we can create in the process of realizing our vision for Geralt's dark fantasy world". The PC and console versions were confirmed to include completely different UI.

The game will track both player choice and actions which ultimately affect how the game will end. The developers say that these choices can either be very tiny or absolutely major. There are 36 different endings to the game, with more than 300 minor variations in the story. Depending on the platform, previous character imports will be possible. On the PlayStation 4, the developer has made note that there will be a way to define old actions and decisions before starting a new game.

Every brand new physical copy of the game will include a recap on what has happened so far in the trilogy, a map of the game world, the game soundtrack and a Witcher 3 sticker pack.

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