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Dreamfall Chapters will continue the story of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey from the moment where the previous game left off.


Though announced in March of 2007, Funcom development of Dreamfall Chapters was put on indefinite hold until November 2012 when the IP was licensed to series creator Ragnar Tørnquist's new studio, Red Thread Games. It will be financed through a combination of crowdfunding on Kickstarter and a 175,000 USD grant from the Norwegian Film Institute. The Kickstarter project page can be found here. The game is being developed in Unity.


In the game the player will control a character using a comination of point-and-click and direct control. They have made some changes based on fan feedback, such as removing the combat elements of the game. Furthermore, as a result of how the market have changed the mechanisms will be somewhat different, but also inspired by work they have been doing between the release of Dreamfall and now while in Funcom.


Dreamfall Chapters will be released in November 2014, and will be released on PC, Linux and Mac. Additionally they are looking to release it on iOS and Android. A Wii U version was announced in late July 2013.

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