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Cortez is at the beginning of The Longest Journey considered to be a strange, perhaps dangerous man, someone, who is best to keep away from. Brian Westhouse refers to him as Chavez.

The Longest Journey

Cortez sends a message through Emma to April, that he wants to talk to her. When they meet, Cortez says, that April has a destiny. Although she's not too quick to believe him, Cortez does in time become sort of a mentor of Aprils. He helps her to open her first shift to Arcadia.

In later part of the game, Cortez is many times missing or just not available. He does reappear, when April needs him the most. He saves her from one of the Warrior Shifters on the roof of the MTI building. Then, Jacob MacAllen appears and it is revaled that both him and Cortez are the two Stark Kin. They attack each other and fall off the roof. Both transform into their real, dragon form. But still they fall to their deaths.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Cortez makes a return at the end of the game in a flashback to Tibet of 1933. We see Brian Westhouse struggling to move up a mountain in a gruesome blizzard. He then falls and doesn''t appear to have the strength to get up again. But then arrives Cortez to give him a hand. He says to Brian: "Time is a circle. It will not end here. You are needed. Take my hand, Brian. The future awaits us." Then they both continue moving forward. Perhaps that means we will see Cortez in the later games.

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