mikeinsc's Saints Row: The Third Genkibowl VII (PC) review

Bad. Just Bad

Good lord, I had high hopes heading into this. Prof. Genki was a favorite in the game (I was stunned the first time I realized he was an NPC you could kill for huge money) and the SERC was one of the most enjoyable mini-games in the title. An entire game laden with that mini-game seemed like a can't miss prospect.

It missed.


First off, the entire premise is just dull and includes some blah mini-games. You have to drive Genki around and avoid the paparazzi, an mini-game I adored. The Yarngasm is difficult to control as I found my ball of yarn would suddenly accelerate uncontrollably and become extremely difficult to control. The panda skydiving was just tedious. They seem to take so many bad concepts and wrap them up in a fairly pointless story that this DLC, while the longest of the bunch, is also the worst of the bunch. By a considerable margin.

The game is outstanding. This DLC is...not.

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