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The Saints Row franchise, created by Volition Incorporated and published by THQ, is a series of open world action games. The original game in the franchise, Saints Row, has gone on to be a multimillion seller. The series has also garnered attention due to its deep character customization and expansion of the concepts presented in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, such as gang rivalries, car customization, and a respect system.


The Saints Row series began as a relatively grounded and serious story centered around a new recruit in the Third Street Saints, a gang in the city of Stilwater fighting for survival amidst conflicts with three larger, more powerful gangs. However, what began as a take on the suburban gangster lifestyle shifted direction in Saints Row 2, emphasizing more comedic elements. In Saints Row: The Third, any notion that the series took itself seriously was thrown out the window, as the game was designed upon a ludicrous series of set pieces permeated with absurd humor that all but abandoned the more serious tones of the earlier games.

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