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Saya is the blood sister of Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi of the BlazBlue series. She has thus far only appeared as an NPC.

Calamity Trigger

In the story, Saya lived with Ragna and Jin at an orphanage in an area that used to be England. Saya loved the attention that Ragna seemed to give her, but at the same time Jin grew jealous that Ragna paid more attention to her than him.

It's not really known what happened at the orphanage, but eventually Jin burned it down and slaughtered everyone inside, possibly under the influence of the evil being named Terumi. That was also the first noted event that Jin held the Nox Nyctores Yukianesa that he carries to this day. Saya herself was nowhere to be found.

Several years later, clones of Saya were created as "Prime Field Units" in order to explore an area known only as The Boundary. It is not known what happened to the first ten units that were commissioned. Lambda-11 was considered a failure that would not be recovered until the events of Continuum Shift, Mu-12 lived on in the form of Noel Vermillion thanks to an odd twist of fate, and Nu-13 was used to guard the Cauldron underneath the main Library branch in Kagutsuchi until its emotions compelled it to merge with Ragna and create the Black Beast with him. It was never explained what happened to the original Saya, though Ragna realized that Noel was a copy of her after the events of the True Ending.

Continuum Shift

During Ragna's quest to kill Terumi/Hazama for the pain and suffering he caused in the past, he managed to stop the resurrected Mu-12 from destroying Amaterasu. However, the Imperator Librarius herself appeared by the Cauldron and finished the job. When Ragna and Jin saw her face, they recognized it immediately to be the face of their sister, Saya. On top of that, Jin revealed that Saya was the one who originally handed Yukianesa to him several years ago, making it quite possible that Saya had planned everything many years ago and was never actually kidnapped. It's not quite mentioned how she became the leader of the NOL.

What is known as that with Amaterasu destroyed and Takamagahara jammed, there can be no more shifts in the time continuum, and Saya has probably succeeded in creating a world where there is only the truth of death from which no living being can escape. When people die in her world, they will stay dead.

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