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The Scorpion is, alongside the Falcon and the Rook, one of the main Caldari E-War plattforms. Its boni grant this Ship the ability to jam multiple Targets at the same time, while staying far away from the main engagements of a fleet fight. The ability to disable mutiple hostile targets at the same time makes this ship a very high threat in any battle, and its the reason why Scorpions are on of the first Victims in bigger fights against experienced Pilots.  While the standard Scorpion lacks dps, the Scorpion Navy Issue has become quite a popular ship among Mission Runners, mainly because of its worry-free tanking abilitys.

Graphical overhaul

 The new Scorpion
The Scorpion is the first Ship which will receive an graphical overhaul within EVE. The Hull model will be replaced with a symetrical design, which makes the Scorpion more look like it name suggests. Also, all the Faction textures will be overdone using a new Texturing method called "PGS" which will replace the previously used "NGS" system. The new Scorpion will hit EVE with the release of the next expansion, Tyrannis.


Official Description

The first Scorpion-class battleship was launched only a couple of years ago, and those that have been built are considered to be prototypes. Little is known of its capabilities, but what has been garnered suggests that the Scorpion is crammed to the brink with sophisticated hi-tech equipment that few can match.


CPU 750 tf
Powergrid 9000 MW
Calibration 400 Points
Low Slots
Medium Slots
High Slots
 8 (4 Turrets, 4 Launcher)
Rg Slots
Rig Size

Drone Capacity
75 m³
Drone Bandwith
75 Mbit/sec

Structure HP
5469 HP
Cargo Capacity
550 m³
103.600.000 kg
468.000,0 m³
Inertia Modifier

Armor HP
5469 HP
EM Resistance
50 %
Explosive Resistance
10 %
Kinetic Resistance
25 %
Thermal Resistance
45 %

Shield HP
6641 HP
Shield Recharge Time
2.500,00 s
EM Reistance
0 %
Explosive Resistance
50 %
Kinetic Resistance
40 %
Thermal Resistance
20 %

Capacitor Capacity
5312 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Time
1.087,50 s

Targeting Range
90.000 m
Max. Locked Targets
Scan Resolution
75 mm
Sensor Strength
24 (Gravimetric)
Signature Radius
480 m

Max. Velocity
94 m/sec
Warp Speed
3,0 AU/sec


  • 15% to ECM Target Jammer strength per skill level
  • 20% bonus to ECM Target Jammer optimal and falloff range per skill level
  • 20% bonus to ECM Burst range per skill level

Required Skills

  • Spaceship Command 
  • Caldari Frigate IV
    • Spaceship Command III
  • Caldari Cruiser III
  • Spaceship Command IV
  • Caldari Battleship I

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