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He first appeared in Battle Network 4 Red Sun in one of the tournaments, and his pre-tournament strategy was to use Mega Man as target practice before their battle. After his defeat, Mega Man earns Search Soul.

He returns in Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan, where he and his operator Raika are called by

Chaud to join the liberation team. however, due to the appearance of an imposter SearchMan and MegaMan, the real SearchMan refuses to join until the imposters are unmasked and deleted, as there was confusion and framing caused by the copies.

Liberation Mission Data

SearchMan's Beam Satellite.

His Liberation Ability is Panel Search, where he can detect and pick up items in dark panels, as well as destroy any traps (similar ability as NumberMan's). his personal chip is the Beam Satellite, a time-stopping cursor that unleashes a laser that hits in a plus shaped radius, dealing 100 damage.

Battle Chip

His Battechip is SearchMan S, which has a base power of 20, and fires 5 shots (Non-Elemental) on a moving cursor, doing a total base damage of 100. he also has SearchMan DS and SearchMan SP chips, both of which have variable attack power, depending on the situation. the chips operate identically in Battle Network 4 and 5.


SearchMan S - 20

SerachManDS S - 25 (darkMegaMan only)

SearchManSP S - 25 (lightMegaMan only)

Search Soul

Mega Man in Search Soul form.
  • His unison is Search Soul, whereby MegaMan receives SearchMan's sniper rifle as his buster weapon, which can pierce through the Invis effect. The sniper rifle has the ability to hit the nearest enemy to MegaMan regardless which square it is on.
  • In Battle Network 5, he is also able to shuffle his deck 3 times every turn in search soul. (the number of turns can be increased from Navi Customiser parts.)
  • The Sniper Rifle has a base damage of 10, firing 5 shots causing 50 damage. this can be increased as MegaMan upgrades his buster via chips or programs.

Chaos Search Soul

This Soul is only available in Team ProtoMan version, and is created by fusing MegaMan with the DarkCursor Chip.

MegaMan in Chaos SearchSoul form.
  • This soul behaves the same as regular Search Soul, Except it lasts only 1 turn, and the charged shot has been changed from the sniper rifle to Dark Cursor, an attack that depending on how many squares your opponent has, can deal damage ranging from 0 to 900 damage at once.

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