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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Seimen Kongou, dubbed "Starion" in the orignal release of Revelations: Persona, appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona as a member of the Emperor arcana and the initial persona of the protagonist. After reaching MAX rank, he can be exchanged in the Velvet Room for one Strength incense.


Seimen Kongou's design is very much reminiscent of his worship among the cult of Koushin. A popular belief amongst Kamakura era cultists concerned the fifth day of the monkey (according to the Chinese calendar), a day in which one was particularly likely to lose their life. Practitioners were said to keep vigil during the night before and spent the following day gathering the scrolls of Sarutahiko and Seimen Kongou in order to hold a devotional ceremony, hoping to ward off any fatal accidents.

Cultists would also worship among a set of carvings depicting the three sacred monkeys: See no evil, Speak no evil, and Hear no evil. The three monkeys depicted in Seimen Kongou's official artwork (one wearing headphones with an 'X' insignia on the sides, the others wearing similar bandannas over their eyes and mouth) are presumably the three sacred monkeys.

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