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Disappoints as a Sequel 0

As far as I can tell, Shadowgrounds: Survivor tells the much less interesting story of three characters trying to survive the exact same alien attack that occurs in the original Shadowgrounds. I was hoping to at least see more of Jane, the one character with you through almost the entire first game, but instead Shadowgrounds: Survivor includes none of the same characters. It also occurs during roughly the same time (though for a considerably shorter period) as Shadowgrounds, so it’s not so much ...

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Hamst3r's thoughts on Shadowgrounds: Survivor 0

Thoughts on Shadowgrounds: Survivor Shadowgrounds is a sci-fi themed shooter which takes place on Ganymede (the third moon of the Jupiter system) and by the year 2096, a colony of eight thousand humans live on Ganymede. As the story goes: an alien race fronts an all out assault on the moon colony, destroying nearly everything. The whole point of the game is survival. Shadowgrounds: Survivor is the second game in the series. It is also only the second game every created by it’s developer, Froze...

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A great old school shooter from the people at Frozenbyte! 0

Good Points:Great weapons.Great graphics.Very atmospheric levels.RPG elements, such as character upgrades, weapon upgrade etc.Background music is very atmospheric.Different characters.Much better voice acting than in the first game.Secret unlockables.Stationary guns.Controllable MECH (we've been crying out for this since the first game).Character specific special moves.Runs well on multiple cores!Supports dual mice and keyboards for better co-op on one PC.Bad Points:Levels are smaller.Doesn't ha...

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