How great are the movie references? [MILD SPOILERS]

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When you run into the cabin at Act 3-3, I was thinking "huh, that was a bit of a Sam Rami tracking shot they did.   It would be funny if they kept it up and chased me through it like in Evil Dead 2."   Then the camera pans out and gets a real nice shot of the cabin, and I go "nooo, it can't be."  Next shot is the demon in the floor trap door, and I was giddy as all hell.  What a great moment in the game.  Evil Dead is a franchise that is easily quoted in geek culture, but with little tact.  This was a total curveball, and fit in with the scene perfectly.  Well done! 
I also loved the Ghostbusters bit in the library.  All I needed after that was for Johnson to say "Nice shootin, Tex."  You know, for all the dick jokes they cram in, they got pretty clever in this game when they wanted to.

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I loved the cabin part. The Evil Dead series is one of the best horror/comedy series out there.

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Yeah, theres a ton of awesome ones, As well as the library ghost Christopher sings the ghostbusters theme  at one of the shops. Also,when you first enter the underground tombs Garcia does a direct quote from Aliens.
#4 Posted by CornBREDX (6534 posts) -

I agree, that moment in the game is awesome.

I love the little homages sprinkled through out the game, that one was the most obvious and I thought it was a nice touch as well. Christopher's comment on it is kinda funny too.

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The Evil Dead part was sweet and somewhat expected from a game like this but the GhostBustsers bit caught me off guard I fully endorse this game for a sequel please please.

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I loved the Evil Dead reference. I saw the lone cabin in the woods and I was like "Hmm, this reminds me of Eivil Dead" and then you go in and see that demon peeking out of the cellar door and I was like "Yep! They just made a huge Evil Dead reference! Awesome."

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