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Shantae is a kind, yet sometimes ill-tempered character. She is very trusting, which often helps her but sometimes becomes a hindrance.


Shantaes main weapon is her hair, and long before Bayonetta she was using her long locks to dispatch all sorts of enemies. When that doesn't work, she is able to transform into a number of different creatures, which also help her through the dungeons she faces.

  • Her spider and monkey transformations both have attacks, but each are quite weak
  • Her elephant transformation allows her to stomp from above and charge head first into enemies.
  • Her harpy transformation allows her to attack even while flying.
  • Her tinkerbat transformation is the most dangerous, and gives her a sword to use which often kills enemies in one shot

Story: Shantae


Her first game starts with Shantae emerging from her lighthouse to realize that Scuttle Town, of which she is protector, was under attack by Risky boots, and her band of lousy pirates. When Shantae confronts Risky Boots, she discovers that Boots has stolen a Steam Engine from the villages Relic Hunter, Mimic. Shantae makes her way to water town, where she meets a buffoon by the name of Bolo, who knows where Risky Boots has gone. He leads Shantae to the Bubble Fountain. Once inside, she meets an imprisoned genie that teaches her the monkey transformation dance. She uses the monkey transformation to defeat the boss of the temple, which Risky Boots was unable to tame, and recovers the Dribble Stone. After being told that she needs to find the Golem Stone, her next destination is Oasis Town.

After trekking across the desert and hoping over many a manticore and cactus, Shantae arrives in Oasis Town, where she is greeted by her old friend Sky and her friend Wrench. Sky sends Wrench to find the Golem Mines, where she suspects the Golem Stone is waiting.

Shantae eventually comes across the Golem Mines, where she finds yet another imprisoned genie, and sets her free to learn the elephant transformation dance. She reaches the bottom of the mine and the location of the Golem Stone only to find that Risky Boots has once again beat her to it. Shantae reveals that she knows all about Risky's plan to use the relics to power her Steam Engine, and as Risky attempts to take the Golem Stone, a giant Golem appears out of the darkness to knock her away, leaving Shantae to fight the beast alone. She succeeds and recovers the Golem Stone.

Shantae takes out Manticores in the desert

Once she emerges from the cave, Shantae is greeted by Wrench, who has a note for her from Sky. Sky says that she has found someone who knows the location of one of the magical stones, by the name or Rottytops, and mentions that she is part of the Zombie Caravan.

Shantae makes her way to the Caravan and comes across a cart with a "keep out" sign across the front. Naturally, she goes inside, and finds Rottytops, who immediately challenges Shantae to a race, with the price of losing being Shantaes brains. When Shantae wins the race, Rottytops brings her to her next destination, the Cackle Mound Labyrinth, and the location of the Simmer Stone. Rottytops uses her femur to unlock the foreboding dungeon, and Shantae enters.

Once inside, Shantae discovers that the Labyrinth is full of zombies and other undead creatures. She comes across yet another genie, who in gratitude teaches her the Spider dance, which Shantae uses to climb along the many spider webs around the dungeon. She manages to beat Risky Boots to the Simmer Stone, but still has to fight a creature in order to claim possession of it. Emerging victorious, Rottytops tells Shantae that the last relic should be somewhere in the area of Mount Pointy for the Twinkle Stone, and that Rottytops and her caravan would be moving in order to stay one step ahead of Risky Boots.

Shantae's Monkey transformation runs into trouble

Shantae makes her way past the desert into the mountains, and happens upon the sleepy village of Bandit Town, complete with its own tavern and resident protection genie. After speaking which the genie, who chooses not to reveal her name, she leads Shantae to the summit of Mt. Pointy, and unlocks the door to the Twinkle Palace, whose tunnels stretch throughout the mountain. Shantae finds yet another genie imprisoned by a monster of the labyrinth, and from her learns a dance that turns her into the flying harpy creature. She uses the power to pounce on top of the leashed dragon plaguing the dungeon and retrieve the Twinkle stone momentarily.

As soon as she leaves the palace, the genie she met in the town below binds her with a magic spell and reveals herself to be Risky Boots. Risky takes each of the artifacts Shantae has acquired for her own and runs away to her hideaway. Not knowing where to find Risky Boots, Shantae meets with Mimic in Scuttle Town, where he suggests that she go to the highest place she can find and look out for Risky and her lair. After flying around in the desert in her newly learned Harpy form, Shantae comes across a platform in the sky with a magical telescope attached. The telescope talks to her, asking to look into her soul before she may use it, and decides she is worthy of looking through the device. She almost immediately spots Risky's lair, an island, and the Telescope kindly teleports her to the location.

Upon landing on the Island, Shantae is immediately assaulted by an array of Tinkerbats with a variety of weapons, like mechas and pistols. She has to smash the pillars that block her path in elephant form, climb through the plumbing in her monkey form, and climb above spiked pits in her spider form in order to make it to Risky Boots office, where she drops Shantae into the hanger holding her new weapon, the Tinkertank! Unfortunately for Risky, Shantae makes her way inside the behemoth and destroys the artifacts, and in doing so destroys the vehicle. In a blind rage, Risky attacks Shantae with everything she has, but fails to defeat her, so instead tries to leave Shantae to blow up with the entire fortress.

Shantae tries to fly up and out of Risky's cave in her Harpy transformation before being blown to bits, and exits the complex much like the millenium falcon exited the Death Star before passing out. She sees the four genies that she saved from captivity, and they offer to transform her into a full genie. Shantae declines, disappointed that she would be forced to leave her many friends, and instead elects to return to Sequin Land. When she wakes up, she finds Mimic standing above her. She decides to reveal to the mayor that she isn't a full genie, but in overhearing her conversation, the mayor reveals that he heard her confession, and says he doesn't care. After all, she saved the town and maybe the entire land from destruction and tyranny. The game ends showing a tinkerbat repairing the hole Risky Boots shot into Shantaes home at the beginning of the game while the resident half-genie takes in a little bit of sun.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Shantae: Risky's Revenge initial art

Shantae: Risky's Revenge is the first entry in a downloadable trilogy for the Nintendo DS' DSiWare service. The first game begins with Mimic as he shows off a magic lamp, only to have the villainous Risky Boots burst in and take it on her legged pirate ship, called the Steam-Powered Ocean Tinker Tub (which was last encountered in the final boss fight of the first game).

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