Recruiting Demons

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This is my first Shin Megami Tensei game, not counting a few hours of Persona 4. I like it so far, I am just a little bit unsure of the correct way to recruit demons. Is it all random for the most part? Or is there a strategy in answering the questions they ask?

Since I've never played any of the main line series I'm not sure if this aspect of the game is the same as prior installments.


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End conversation.

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So, am I to assume its all random than?

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No, each demon has a personality type. If a demon asks you a question, there is a right answer that will work on that demon. Match up answers to personality types and hope that he likes the stuff you give him, and you have a new demon.

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There is actually some randomness, a choice that works on a demon once won't necessarily be the correct choice 100% of the time. However, each demon does have a personality type and there are definitely choices that a specific demon will be much more inclined to agree with.

It actually goes a bit beyond just the dialogue though. When they start asking for stuff you don't necessarily just want to give them anything they ask for. Beyond some being outrageous, from my experience it seems like a lot of demons don't actually like you being a complete pushover and giving them everything they ask for, otherwise they'll just take your stuff and leave. (Female demons seem to be the most finicky from my experience.) Usually you should just stick to the cheap items like Life Stones or small amounts of macca, unless they ask for more macca to finish negotiation right there, which can be worth it, since it's a guaranteed success.

Don't forget you can also invest in the Scout apps to make it easier.

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