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Persona 3 is a unique game that stands apart from its JRPG contemporaries. 0

Admittedly Japanese RPGs aren't really my thing. The combat tends to be too slow and the story and characters too often fall into cliché traps that have never really appealed to me. This makes it all the more shocking that I’d consider Persona 3 to be up on my list of favorite games. Persona 3 stands out with its unique structure, quick combat, and most importantly characters that feel realistic even if the situations they are in at times are anything but.The Dark Hour leads itself ...

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Persona 3 is the craziest JRPG game! 0

In Persona 3, you play as main character Minato Arisato – as his name is revealed in the Japanese manga series – though you are free to name him as you wish. Minato is starting at the upscale Gekkoukan High School, and things immediately take a strange turn. Upon arriving at the school, he experiences a wide range of bizarre experiences – signing a contract presented to him by a child (believing it to have something to do with his registration), arriving in the Velvet Room where he meets the eni...

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It's time to be suicidal. My Dark-Zero review of Persona 3. 0

Sony's Playstation 2 has become known as the console to have if you want to play RPGs, especially Japanese RPGs. The console is crammed full of great titles, and still doesn’t seem to be letting the genre die yet. The Shin Megami Tensei series is a popular franchise that has had a few spin offs, Persona being one of them, and is usually aimed at a mature audience. The games have contained questionable things like cults, demons, and the supernatural, even at one point it had Hitler himself. Perso...

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A fantastic RPG that you shouldn't miss out on. 0

So what is Persona 3? people may define this game as a group of high school students who go into a time between one day and the next  in a dungeon called Tartarus and shoot themselves to kill these beings that are named as "Shadows".And yes, that's basically what it's all about, but I'm telling you know, the characters are NOT EMO, sure they look emo but killing yourself alone doesn't make you emo, you need to be regularly in despair to pull it off otherwise, don't judge.Gameplay: Dungeon crawl...

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It feels like work, but it's f un anyway 0

It's pretty safe to say that Persona 3 isn't for everyone, but fans of RPGs (either Japanese or Western) will likely get a kick out of its unique gameplay style and interesting, if somewhat emo, storyline.  The gameplay itself is a nice break from traditional exploring and questing, and is divided into two parts: dating sim social interraction, and turn-based dungeon crawling.  The dating sim elements of the game, while allowing you to create more powerful personas that the protagonist can use i...

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If Sigmund Frued made an rpg 0

Video games as an art form is one of the most widely debated issues of the industry. The most accepted view point is that games haven't been able to capture the level of high art. However, Persona 3 is one of the strongest attempts yet to combine subtle satirical nuances with a unique flavor and style all of its own.This game has managed to set itself above the rest through the use of beautifully crafted characters and story, a unique soundtrack, and gameplay that we've all come to know and love...

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