• Design
  • Brian Zenns - Brain did gameplay testing and well as created some of the levels that graced the Shred Nebula release.
  • David Winstead - Dave joined CrunchTime Games in 2007 to bring his creative spirt to the project. Dave is a former Street Fighter II Designer.
  • Production
  • Christopher Rakowsky - Chris was the main programmer in creating the RAK Engine that powers Shred Nebula.
  • Programming
  • Brandon Bare - Brandon was on the programming team that made the RAK engine. He is also responsible for the creation of the editor that was used to created the single player adventure and multiplayer maps.
  • James Montemagno - James did a lot of the early Special Effects programming.
  • Visual Arts
  • Benjamin Ruiz - Ben did the gorgeous space visual that line the backgrounds of Shred Nebula.
  • Joshua Ziebarth - Josh did the 3D and modeling for Shred Nebula.
  • Business
  • James Goddard - Founder and CEO of CrunchTime Games Inc. James ran the project with a almost all green staff and interns. A former Street Fighter II Designer.

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