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Hisagi is a vice-captain of the 13 Squad Guards. Currently leading his squad (because of his captain`s betrayal), Hisagi is one of the strongest Soul Reapers. Hisagi`s sword`s name is Kazeshini, which translates to Deathwind. Hisagi`s release is `Reap, Kazeshini`. When released, Hisagi`s sword transforms into one of the only dual wield Zanpaktou. Hisagi has been through small amounts of learning because he is quick to adept to his new skills and lessons. However, Hisagi has been known to train and the warrior fights through the motto of `Fear your own strength`.

Hisagi is recognizable because of his 69 tattoo. He has the tattoo has an homage to the man who saved his life from a hollow as a child.

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