Here we go again - Steam gift code

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No contest - just PM me your email address and I'll send it along. First come first serve. If you don't get a response, someone beat you to it.

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Still available. Free copy of CIV V.

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yes please

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@Imsorrymsjackson: Yours. Mods - please lock. Thread has served its purpose. :)

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It still has use to me!

My options were Brave New World for $15, and Civ V: Gold Edition AND BNW for $20. So here's Civ V: Gold.


The missing letter is Vinny's son's first initial. (Should listen to the Bombcast, robots!)

EDIT: And here's BioShock:


The missing letter is Max's dad's first initial. (If robots can figure that one out I'll admit defeat.)

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@mlarrabee: I'm surprised it wasn't taken by this point, but I used the Bioshock code, so, I appreciate it.

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I've got an extra Civ5 Gold key from a bundle I bought. Just PM me and I'll give it to you. Happy New Year!


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