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A Welcome Return to Silent Hill 4

I've been a longtime fan of Silent Hill , since the good old days of the original PlayStation. No Silent Hill game is going to top the previous entries in this series, but the surprise with Silent Hill: Downpour is that out of the gate, the game doesn't suck. In fact, despite a few issues, which I will explore with more detail here, Downpour stands as the best this franchise has seen since 2004's Silent Hill 4: The Room (which in my opinion was the high point of this series).You play as Murphy P...

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Silent Hill Downpour Review: Revenge is a Long Road 0

Silent Hill, once the jewel of the Survival Horror genre, has suffered a terrible decline since the series left the hands of Japanese developers. The successive weak entries in the series comprising The Room, Origins and Homecoming have taken the psychological nature of the series horror away and replaced it with continuously more action focused elements, with a massive reduction in the genuine fear that the games have been capable of inducing. New developer Vatra Games had a huge task on their ...

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Silent Hill: Downpour - A Franchise Lost in the Mists 0

Silent Hill 2In this game, you play as Murphy Pendleton, a prison inmate who is sidelined into the surreal town of Silent Hill when the bus for his transfer to a supermax prison crashes off the edge of one of the town's many bottomless ravines. Throughout the game, Pendleton tries to run from his fate, but is perpetually pursued and seemingly punished, not only by the bizarrely behaved people that he encounters, but by the town itself which seems intent on driving Murphy toward's confronting som...

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Glitchy and meh scares 2

If you’re looking for a great Silent Hill game to play, you’re in luck. Two came out this month; Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection. Only one of them is worthy of a purchase and let me tell you, the one I’m reviewing isn’t it.For those unfamiliar with the Silent Hill lore, it’s based on a real city that haunts your conscience. It features some of the most horrific creatures of any video game horror series and in some cases, can leave a bit of uncomfortable vial in your mouth fro...

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The itsy-bitsy spider... 0

You are sitting in your room, watching television. Suddenly the channel you are watching changes to static and the paint peels off the walls, revealing an industrial network of pipes, barbed wire, and cogs around you.Awful noises pierce your ears and a blood-curdling scream is heard behind you. Welcome to Silent Hill. Welcome to the Otherworld.The Silent Hill franchise has gone through some tough times in recent memory, and Downpour being delayed a couple times seemed like a bad sign. As it tur...

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Silent Hill: Downpour has its flaws, but it's by no means bad. 0

While there are faults in Silent Hill: Downpour's design, it does offer solid gameplay and an enjoyable experience. The storyline flourishes while the combat system leaves you wanting more depth. Rarely is there more to a fight than smashing the 'X' button and periodically pressing 'Y' to block an incoming enemy attack.. Now, having said that, the game is not as bad as some may say. It's hard to replicate the feeling you get when you're trapped in a dark, enclosed area using a lighter to illumin...

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Downpour is finally pushing the series in the right direction. 0

This isn’t the first time that the Silent Hill franchise has been developed by a non-Japanese development team. Climax Studios and Double Helix Games have both had attempts withOrigins, Homecoming and Shattered Memories. While I didn’t think much of Homecoming, I really enjoyed what Climax Studios did with Shattered Memories; I felt that it was a brilliant retelling of the first game’s story, but they also managed to twist in their own unique style, creating a compelling, highly tense and atmosp...

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A Fifth Dimension Beyond That Which is Known to Man: Silent Hill 0

Approximately four years ago, Konami released Silent Hill: Homecoming, which was the second attempt at the series by a western developer and the first on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unlike Downpour, though, Homecoming had the promise of the original music composer of the series, Akira Yamaoka, overseeing the project and making sure the game properly reflected the same sentiment as the other iterations in the series. How much influence Yamaoka had beyond the musical score is unknown, as the game ...

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The potential for a great game is here, just marred by some technical problems 0

Silent Hill is one of the granddaddies of horror gaming. It created a now-infamous town that brings out the worst side of people; a place where the true horrors are the psychological ones, not the creatures that wander the foggy streets. Many will cite the second game in the series as their favorite survival-horror game of all time, a true masterpiece of psychological horror. In more recent years, the Silent Hill franchise hasn’t been doing so well. It seems that Konami doesn’t really know what ...

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Best Silent Hill to date! Don't you believe me?! 0

It is and I'll tell you why.The story is on par with the best games in the franchise with gruesome and emotional twists. Although to be fair it isn't as shocking or strong as Silent Hill 2 or 4. The characters while believable, have that vague design to them typical of Silent Hill games. There is a cool boss fight also, as well as some interesting and meaningful set-pieces.The graphics are the best to date on a Silent Hill game, with effects like rain and thunderstorms, well detailed characters,...

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