DLC Possibilities and Wants

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I'm hoping this game has DLC/Add ons rather than expansion after expansion (looking at you Sims 3 -_-), but I'm curious to see what you all would like or hope to see in future add on packs/dlc or even full scale expansions. The only thing that comes to mind at the time that I want to see is more park options. I love the options they have, it just seems there could be a ton more.

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Regardless of whether they do Expansions or DLC, there'll still be more extra content than original content, and I am in dread of it.

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I couldn't say yet, I would have to play a bit to see what is "needed" or what would be cool. I'm sure there will be Dlcs later on, I just hope they won't be too expensive.

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I hope they release the Digital Deluxe Edition bonuses as DLC later. That edition costs waaay to much now, and I would like to make a British city.

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I hope they allow for bigger cities and a save/load system. The latter probably wont happen though.

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Having very little history with the franchise I can't fathom what's good DLC for a sim game. The things that come to mind are themed shit. Maybe a new specialization or two? I imagine those parts of the game are already well rounded though. Maybe they could add a Holy specialization. Become a religious city. Like Civ V. I don't know. The biggest opportunity they have looking at what fans are saying about the game would be bigger maps I reckon. If that's possible than that'd be a great seller judging from how people are clamoring for it.

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dude there will be DLC and loads of it I will bet my hat on it.

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Given that Maxis intends to add mod support eventually, I doubt that the DLC will be limited to microtransactions. Why purchase a skyscraper for 99 cents when you know that modders will be able to make you one for free in time? Whatever the DLC will be, it will have to come in big expansion packs, and such packs won't necessarily include physical objects but also have some extra features, such as terraforming and more Glassbox stuff, possibly. It's also possible that mod support will be included as DLC, and you will have to pay more to unlock total freedom.

Of course, EA could still be a greedy bastard and strip away all that good stuff, but there's still time to see.

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I always thought a historical expansion could be interesting. Have your specific cities set in different time periods. The expansion itself could be multiple time periods in one. I feel like a different time period could offer a different challenge in terms of city efficiency and just things to do.

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@ssully: I highly doubt that would happen seeing that they would have to almost completely rebuild the engine in order to make cities that operate that differently. For example, much of the challenge in SimCity is traffic management, where would the new challenge come from if there are no cars? I guess anything after industrialization would be possible though.

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i'm guessing bigger cities would be cool (haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but from what i keep hearing it would be a nice idea) and also some more city sets like Tokyo or maybe even some more historical cities would be cool.

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A subway would be neat thing.

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