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SimSafari is a game in the Sim series. SimSafari was released for the PC on March 4, 1998. The game was developed by Electronic Arts and Maxis Software, and published by Maxis Software. It is a simulation management game based in the African safari.


Controlling the park.
The game can be played in one of three different zones: the nature park, tourist grounds, and African village. The park is were players can control the animal population, making sure that predators weren't overeating, and producing more animals and plants (some of which attract certain species of animals). As in most other Sim games, natural disasters can occur, such as fires, droughts, and locusts.  
The tourist ground is the area where guests of the park stay. Players can build restaurants, hotels (and other living quarters), and various attractions. There are also buildings where workers live. The village's management is mostly left up to the artificial intelligence. The player can hire staff for the tourist grounds, and the more the player hired out, the better the village did. If the player neglects hiring the villagers, then the village's economy fails, and they begin to hunt the park animals.

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