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SimTower is a tower simulation game conceived by Yoot Saito. The object of SimTower is to build and manage a skyscraper while keeping the inhabitants happy. In order to make your skyscraper prosper you must create a balance between residential, commercial, and recreational sections. The way you advance through the game is by getting a higher star rating and reaching the ultimate goal of 15,000 residents. The game doesn't have a true end, but most (if not all) Sim games don't. There are hazards that will try and stop you from advancing such as fires, bug infestations and bomb threats. The way you with deal such issues and how you handle your finances reflect how well you do in the game.


The basic gameplay consists of building level after level until you reach your peak. You will spend a lot of time figuring out how much to charge for apartments/rent and the way you set up your skyscraper. Where you decide to build office space and build apartments (etc) makes a big difference. One of the essential parts of the building process is how you set up you elevator system. If you don't make a working/reliable system then your tower will fail. Keeping your residents happy and not stressed is what this game is all about and what I listed are some of the key aspects to a happy tower.

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