Sine Mora cancelled for PS3, now an XBLA exclusive.

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A slight change of plans for Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality's upcoming downloadable shooter, Sine Mora: it'll only be downloadable on Xbox. The two companies announced today that the "diesel-punk" time-shifting shmup is now an XBLA exclusive, despite its original status as both an XBLA and PSN release.

I didn't plan to buy it on Playstation 3 anyway, and I imagine most people who are into the genre are Xbox 360 owners so I don't expect this will affect sales significantly. Nevertheless, this is a bummer for PS3-only owners looking forward to this.
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Release date announced: 

We’ve been talking Sine Mora up for a long while from character reveals to differences in the gameplay but we finally have a release. Digital Reality ran a contest to see who could guess the release date and it turns out March 21 was the winner.

Launch trailer: 

I still don't like the screen shake and the twirling suicide bullets, but this certainly gives a better impression than previous footage.
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Yeah, not the biggest suprise in the world. Oh well. Probably wouldn't have sold that much more anyways.

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@Icemael: Thanks for the update, but I have a small request. If you're going to embed a YouTube video, could you use the real embed URL that YouTube gives so we have full controls (like playing the video in fullscreen)? Otherwise, that might as well be a giant square link to the YouTube page where I do get those options.

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@Zithe: Where on the video's Youtube page can I find such an URL? 
EDIT: Never mind, I found it. Gonna re-embed the Sine Mora trailer.
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Is Suda 51 involved with this game?

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@xyzygy: No.
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