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3.88 stars 3.88/5 Stars Average score of 8 user reviews spread across 8 releases and 3 DLC

A by-the-numbers, glitchy and fun time for all! 6

Skate 3’s pretty alright. For 5 minutes, I’ve sat at my laptop trying to find an appropriate way to sum up my feelings on the game in a way that would make for a good introduction and that is the only phrase I can come up with. What Skate 3 does, it does well. However, like past entries in the series, there are too many things that still hold it back from being a completely positive experience. It tries to do so much that it stumbles in it’s steps and ends up falling face-first, making it nothi...

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A good game that causes concern for the future of the franchise. 0

At this point, the Skate franchise doesn't seem to have any real competition.  Most people think that the Tony Hawk series is dead in the water and, while Skate 3 is far from a complacent cash-in, its release and the content of the game don't pack nearly the punch that Skate 2 did.  Skate 2 turned what was a revolutionary game concept into a better-realized game as a whole.  That's arguably what most sequels should be.  However, with Skate 3, it seems as though EA Black Box may be contracting se...

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Skate 3 2

  EA and Blackbox have done it again and made a skateboarding game that is incredibly addicting at every turn.   The thing that makes the game so addicting is the continued refinement of the game play.   Continuing to build off of the momentum of the previous two Skate titles, Skate 3 systematically adds an innovative career style, new park editor, and a few new tricks that have been invented in the past few years.   While this entry doesn’t incredibly change up the formula, that is a good thing...

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love this game so addicting 0

i love and enjoy this game it gets addicting at some points. love how it has so many options like replaying and getting to create and dress up your character. i really enjoy the side quests like the hall of meat where you have to break as many bones as you can.i also like you can beat up guys and gals then they either punch you or shock you with a tazer gun. there are just some glitches, like when i fall i get stuck halfway through the ground. or i respond at a different place. other than that ...

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Skate Skate Skate 0

Skate 3 begins with a fantastic live action video following an array of residents of Port Carverton, a fictitious place of grandiose diversity that just so happens to be an ideal place for skateboarders. The video follows a pair of hillbillies hunting and shooting the elusive Big Foot, and then proceeding to strap him/her (it?) to the roof of their car. It then begins to follow the production of a skateboard, from lumberjacks sawing down trees to be brought to a lumber mill, to factory workers p...

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It's the Skate game I know and love (with more sponsors) 0

People who know me have a general knowledge of my loyalty to the EA Skate franchise. Ever since I heard the announcement for the first Skate, I was stoked like hell. Unlike the bulbous cash cow that is the Tony Hawk series, Skate seemed to have it all: a realistic control scheme, a large, open environment to skate in, and sweet online play.  Well, it was that time of year again, and a new Skate game rose from the ashes to my delight. This one is more focused on the online aspects of the past tit...

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Skate 3: Frustration, Elation and the Breaking of Bones 0

The Three Word Review: Intricate, Unforgiving, Dry    When I first decided to jump into the "Hall of Meat" challenges in Skate 3, throwing myself violently off a shipping crane in a dockyard, tucking myself into a cannon ball and landing headfirst into a T-Bar...I realized something about Skate 3, it is both fun and frustrating. The game, after finishing it, leaves a strange feeling of unfinished business and lost opportunity, especially in the single-player realm.   Intricate: Skate 3 is a game...

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It's quite fun. 0

Having spent countless hours thumbing through the original Skate and playing through the whole of Skate 2, Skate 3 is easily the best in the franchise. With new locations, new tricks, difficulty settings that alter the "realism", and a variety of new colors, yes colors, what isn't there to like about the newest Skate?    Well, as always with the franchise the game does require you to take part in some very, very challenging sequences and sometimes the only reason they are difficult at all is bec...

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