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Skorne was caught in the midst of his invasion of the Eight Realms by Sumner, who then began fighting the demon, and defeating him handily. Skorne fled for his life into the Desecrated Temple, and sealed himself inside using magic shards. Eventually, the heroes Sumner had called upon were able to reach him in the temple and defeating his guardians, and obtaining their shards. The heroes decimated his forces, and defeated Skorne, driving him into the Underworld. Having obtained all 13 runestones, the heroes entered the Underworld itself, and destroyed Skorne once and for all. In a way though, Skorne was not done yet. When he died, Garm, still chained to a pair of nearby pillars, touch Skorne's broken remains with his feet, and managed to feed off of the demon's power. Garm transformed, added Skorne's power to his own, Garm became an evil power like non had ever seen.

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