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A young and naive man working at Fortune City's Pallisides Mall, 18 year old Brent Ernst spent his days planning on how to get dates and working as a mascot at the Kid's Choice Clothing store. After finally getting up the nerves to ask Louise, his fellow mascot performer out on a date, a man disguised as the motocross superstar Chuck Greene released the local Terror Is Reality zombie horde. The zombies quickly spread througout Fortune City, and killed Louise, pushing young Brent over the edge and breaking his mind.

On September 26th, the second day of the outbreak, Chuck Greene discovered Slappy and Louise, and Slappy quickly recognised him as the man the news said caused the outbreak. As their conversation got increasingly hostile, Chuck tried to convince him that he was being framed, but Slappy only yelled that now "[he'll] never get a date now!" and attacked him. Slappy used his roller skates to move across the Pallisides Mall quickly, and used two flamethrowers when Chuck got too close. If Chuck tried to escape, Slappy would shoot a ball of flame at him. Water guns could cause him to lose his weapons briefly, opening him up for a quick attack or two. After Chuck defeated him, Slappy dragged himself to the body of his fallen love to cuddle with her before passing. After a brief second he suddenly shot up and shouted that the kids had no reason to worry- Slappy would live forever! before collapsing to the ground- finally dead.

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