Could this get picked up by Sony?

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After the recent news this got canned by Activision it was surprising and sad but in the article they say:     

the developer apologized about not being able to finish the game with Activision and said it’s setting its “creative sights on a different horizon.”    
Which to me this sounds like they just are not going to finish it with Activision (or they  already got a new project)  but I got hope that they could continue this with Sony and reason for them is because the only other game from these people that i see is Modnation Racers a game only on PS3 and PSP so they might have some tie to Sony possibly.  
What do you guys think is it me just giving to much though of a game I wanted to get or they just moved on with new projects with Activision?

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After the thing that was the original True Crime, I just can't bring myself to be evenly remotely interested.
I could be totally wrong and totally surprised but if I never find out I won't lose any sleep.

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I think Sony would pass it up. 
Any sane Publisher would pass that franchise up.

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I think Activision owns the IP.

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@Klaptos said:
" I think Activision owns the IP. "
Yea i'm sure this is the case. I don't think Sony'd want to pick it up if they had the chance to anyways. They got enough quality titles they're putting out, i doubt they'd want to put out a True Crime game... Especially if it was dropped by Acti for not being good enough.
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I don't think anyone would pick it up...

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