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Function: Aerial Assault

As an unlockable bonus character, Slipstream does not appear in War for Cybertron's campaign proper -- as such, very little is known about her, including whatever relationship she may have to fellow Decepticon seekers Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp. Slipstream is made available for play as a reward upon completion of the Decepticon campaign though, she is only available for use in Multiplayer and Escalation. In her vehicle form, Slipstream transforms into a fighter jet, giving her unsurpassed maneuverability and the ability to use homing missiles against other vehicular Transformers.

Slipstream is a homage to the character of the same name from the Transformers: Animated television program and was one of a myriad of clones Starscream had made of himself in an effort to usurp Decepticon command from Megatron. For War for Cybertron, Slipstream's voice is provided by Jessica Straus.


Slipstream's character abilities are shockwave and cloak, allowing her to handle crowd control as well as avoid detection and sneak up on enemies undetected. Her ability to fly in vehicle mode is somewhat hampered due to the cramped quarters of the Decepticons' default Escalation map, making fast travel in heated situations a difficult task. Her spoken voice clips during gameplay give rise to the notion that Slipstream is quite a fan of murdering Autobots.


Like all playable characters in War for Cybertron, Slipstream's chassis (herein known as 'Stalker') are made available as a customizable character class for the game's multiplayer suite. As a jet vehicle, the Stalker chassis fulfills the role of a Decepticon scientist, which are typically outfitted as healers but can also be developed into deadly long-range fighters.

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