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These are the first intelligent creatures one typically finds in the Fade.  They are dangerous only on those rare occasions that they are induced to get up and do harm.  They are able to steal form and likeness, to mimic its opponents and know their deepest secrets.  Sloth has no form or identity of its own.  It is envy as much as sloth.

Sloth Demon - Mage Origin story
The sloth demon is not in and of itself, slothful.  They cross the Veil and fight to possess creatures just not as much as other demons.  Some are however slothful and knowingly cultivate such reputations (possibly due to ulterior motives).  Demons of sloth are named so because this is the portion of the human psyche that they feed upon; doubt, apathy, and entropy.  They seek to spread these things.  The sloth demon hides in its forms, a master of shapes and disguises, and from its hiding place, it spreads its influence.  A community afflicted by a demon of sloth could soon become a dilapidated pit where injustices are allowed to pass without comment, and none of the residents could be aware that such a change has even taken place.  The sloth demon weakens, tires, and tears at the edges of consciousness and would much rather render its victim helpless than engage in a true conflict.  Such creatures are best faced only with a great deal of will, and only with an eye to piercing their many disguises.
Although sloth demons are not high in the hierarchy of demons, some are powerful enough to bring creatures across the veil into the fade.  They can trap many creatures in their own minds, lulled in blissful sloth.

Notable Sloth demons

  Sloth demons appear frequently in Origins.

Dragon Age: Origins

  •   The main encounter with a sloth demon in Dragon Age: Origins occurs in the Circle Tower when a rogue mage leads a rebellion against the Templars and opens the Veil allowing a great number of demons to leave the Fade and overrun the tower. The sloth demon makes the party fall asleep and traps them in the Fade; the player must battle through a number of dream-like areas, freeing other party members and gaining the ability to morph into different creatures that will allow them to pass certain obstacles as they go, and defeat the demons who are protecting the sloth demon. When all other obstacles are removed the party must defeat the sloth demon who changes into a new form each time he is defeated.
  • Another encounter occurs after the Circle Tower is cleared and the main character emerges from The Fade. The Sloth Demon puts all players into a deep slumber.

Dragon Age 2

  • Torpor - is a demon who claims to desire to improve his ranks within the fade, "Sadly, I'm no warrior."  He is found trying to make a deal with Hawke in the Side Mission, Night Terrors.

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