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The president has been attacked by terrorists, and they have threatened Washington D.C. with a nuclear attack. Sly Spy enters the city by jumping from a plane and infiltrating the city from above. The terrorist cannot be allowed to progress their plan of attack, and Sly Spy is the only one that can stop it.  


Sly Spy covers a varying amount of game genres, but it all takes place as a side scrolling adventure. The genres include action, run and gun, beat'em up and adventure, and each level is broken up into these genres. You begin the game by choosing your secret agent number (i.e. 007), and sky dive from a plane shooting enemies all the way down. After this, the game primarily becomes run and gun style game if you are in possession of a weapon, or a beat'em with out the weapon. The gameplay changes occasionally in the game, sometimes you may be riding a motorcycle or even swimming under water. In these instances the game style retains the objective of simply shooting the enemies on screen. You will progress through the game eliminating multiple bosses, culminating to a level where you have fight all the bosses once again including the final boss.   

James Bond references are plentiful in this game ranging from bosses to weapons. Some bosses bare similarities to Bond villains, such as Jaws and Odd Job. Sly Spy's weapon of choice is an actual Golden Gun and is referred to as such. It is never kept secret that Data East is imitating the James Bond franchise.

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