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The Smoky Progg only appears in Pikmin if the player visits The Distant Spring some time before day 16. A large egg can be found on a series of small islands in the spring which when touched will hatch into the Smoky Progg. Once hatched the Progg will ignore Olimar and his Pikmin, and proceed directly towards the landing site. The smoky trail the creature leaves behind will damage Olimar and instantly kills any Pikmin caught in it. The creature will also uproot any Pikmin sprouts it finds, and can only be damaged by having Pikmin thrown onto it's face.
When defeated the Smoky Progg appears to burst into flames, and leaves behind a golden pearl, which when taken to an onion will produce 100 Pikmin seeds. The technical name of the creature is 'Piku-Lord', however it's family and latin name are unknown. Olimar theorises that the creature is created from a malformed Mamuta larva.

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